Vladimir Oravsky

Vladimir Oravsky (born 22 January 1947 in Rožňava, Czechoslovakia) is a Swedish author and film director.

Before Oravsky decided to be a full-time writer, he made a living in Czechoslovakia as machine engineer and conveyor belt constructor. In Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Thailand and United States Oravsky survived as dishwasher, cleaner, newspaperman, dock worker, gold-washer, pea picker, tractor driver, cook, actor, photographer, translator, copywriter, literary critic, dramaturgist, lecturer, teacher, culture bureaucrat, such as culture manager for Umeå municipality, film- and theatre director and producer.

Oravsky is published by many publishing houses, as Studentlitteratur, h:ström – Text & Kultur, Nya Doxa, Symposion, Raketförlaget, Lundtofte Publishing, De Rode Kamer and Branner og Koch. Oravsky has published books for children and youth, commissioned plays and screenplays. As his favorite model George S Kaufman, Oravsky works often in collaboration with writing partners, among them Kurt Peter Larsen, Daniel Malmen, Michael Segerström, Lars von Trier, Jakob Stegelman, and Natasa Durovicova.

Vladimir Oravsky and Kurt Peter Larsen are joint winners of 2006 International award for best play for children, organized by International Playwrights’ Forum, International Theatre Institute/ ITI and ASSITEJ (International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People), for their contribution “AAAHR!!!”

“The Diary of Zlata Ibrahimivic” by Oravsky & Malmen was one of winning plays in competition, organized by Royal Drama Theatre / Elverket in Stockholm. Provided by Wikipedia
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